Ultra Vita-Bee (specific bee vitamines)






Ultra Vita-Bee (code 11014 / 11114) is a set of sugars, vitamins, trace elements and proteins of high biological value that are excessively concentrated, creating a very high rise on the bee swarm (50% more offspring after 4 consecutive use per 3-6 days). If the food provision continues for more than 4 times, growth will be much biger.
This multivitamin offers high amounts of energy to the bee swarm, increased lifespan of bees and gives the bee queen the ability of an intense birth, resulting in rapid growth of the bee swarm in minimum time, without any comparison with any other similar product in the market.
All of the above can be succeeded even when there is a reduced nectar secretion and there is not enough pollen in the environment of the bee swarm.
It is mandatorily preserved in the refrigerator and remains unaltered for at least 2 years.


Ultra Vita-Bee offers :

  • Ability for the bee queen to have an intense birth resulting in a large and rapid growth of the bee swarm
  • Longevity of bees due to the proteins and vitamins it contains
  • Better metabolism of the bee, making better use of every food source for the bee
  • Increased defense of the bees to viruses, microbes, protozoa and fungi (American dandelion bacillus, ascaps, nose nymphs, Kashmir virus, etc.)
  • When there is a disease in your bee swarms, it gives you the ability of rapid healing and reassembling of the bee swarm, in combination with the appropriate treatment recommended by your veterinarian
  • Multiplication of non-pathogenic microorganisms found naturally in the bee organism, thus preventing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms for the bee, thus acting as a natural probiotic.

When to use Ultra Vita Bee

This multivitamin must be used on bees:

  • which need help (weak or new)
  • which receive stress (transport, poisoning, illness, various therapies). In case a swarm has a disease (microbial or viral), these multivitamins help cure it (appropriate treatment must be done simultaneously too)
  • when there is a shortage on natural foods
  • when the beekeeper wants rapid growth of his/her bee swarm.

It can be used in all seasons, results are miraculous and it does not contain any toxic substance that will burden the bee and its products.

Way of use

As mentioned above, these multivitamins should be provided to your bee swarms for at least 4 consecutive times every 3-6 days and must be preserved in the refrigerator.

1st way:
The best way to use Ultra Vita-Bee is to sprinkle them on the frames with bees every 3-6 days, depending on how quickly you want the bee queen’s birth to expand. In each hive use 9g of Ultra Vita-Bee regardless of its population. The only difference is the amount of syrup in which you dissolve those 9g of the vitamin. For every beehive frame with bees put 10g of syrup. (The amount of syrup is said to be 10g per frame because if you put a higher amount it will end up at the bottom of the hive and then led out in the ground, which is a waste of vitamins and syrup).
Eg. If a hive has 5 frames you dissolve 9g Ultra Vita-Bee in 50g of syrup, if a frame has 10 frames you dissolve 9g Ultra Vita-Bee in 100g syrup.
Therefore, if you have 50 hives of 5 frames each, dissolve 450g Ultra Vita-Bee (50 hives * 9g vitamin per hive = 450g) in 2.5kg syrup (50 hives * 5 frames each * 10g syrup per frame = 2.5kg).
Another example, if you have 10 hives of 8 frames, you dissolve 90g Ultra Vita-Bee (10 hives * 9g vitamin per hive = 90g) in 800g syrup (10 hives * 8 frames each * 10g syrup per frame = 800g).
The amounts of syrup and vitamin Ultra Vita-Bee mentioned above can be measured with a common scale. If instead of weighing, you use volumetric, 9g of vitamin correspond to 6.5ml and 10g of syrup correspond to about 7-7.5ml.
In order to know which amount you need for each hive, take a glass, place it on the scale, zero the scales and then spray in the glass for as long as needed until the scales shows the correct number (grams) of the solution (syrup and vitamin) that need to be sprayed on your hive (calculated by the method above). This is how much time you need to be spraying over each hive keeping pressure steady, as long as your sprayer is air-pressurized. If your sprayer is manual, then count the number of strokes you have to do to fill the glass with the number of grams you need.

2nd way:
Take a hard plastic glass of water and a thin drill and drill a lot of holes at the bottom (so the bottom of the glass becomes like a small strainer). Prepare the solution (syrup and vitamin) as mentioned in 1st way for as many hives as you want. Take another transparent glass with which you measure the required amount of solution for 1 hive and mark the height on the glass (this is the height, until which you will fill the glass for the rest of the cells with the same frames with bees). Put the plastic glass that looks like a strainer over the frames with the bees and pour into it the solution you have weighed with the other glass and simultaneously rotate the strainer-like glass over the frames so the solution is spread everywhere like spraying. Follow the same procedure for the rest of the hives.

3rd way:
Make the solution (syrup with vitamin), as in the 1st way and with that solution (after putting it into a sprinkler), sprinkle from the hive’s inlet, turning the sprinkler’s spout upwards. The frames must be sprinkled and the solution has to stay on them, so that bees take it and not running out of a hive into the soil.

4th way:
Dissolve 9g Ultra Vita-Bee in 200-300g syrup for hives of 1-5 frames populated and 300-500g for hives of over 5 frames. The amount of vitamin that corresponds to each hive is always fixed and equal to 9g.
Take empty bottles of water of 500ml (500g) and with a small drill or a nail 1.5mm thick drill a hole at the point that shown by the arrow in the figure below and mark with a marker the hole you opened on each bottle.

mpoukaliFill the bottles with the solution you made as mentioned above and close them with their lid.
So if you have 50 hives of 3 frames each, dissolve 450g Ultra Vita-Bee (50 hives * 9g vitamin per hive = 450g) into 15kg syrup (50 hives * 300g syrup per hive = 15kg). In this example put 309g solution (300g syrup and 9g vitamin) in each bottle.

Another example, if you have 20 hives of 8 frames dissolve 180g Ultra Vita-Bee (20 hives * 9g vitamin per hive = 180g) in 8kg syrup (20 hives * 400g syrup per hive = 8kg). In this example put 409g solution (400g syrup and 9g vitamin) in each bottle.
Place one of those filled bottles in each hive with their mouth toward the entrance door, between two frames and with the hole towards the bottom of the hive and if possible above the offspring nest.


  1. The syrup to be used must be lukewarm, between 30 – 40 oC (above 40oC the vitamins are destroyed) and must be kept lukewarm during sprinkling (because if it is sprinkled frozen the bees get stressed).
  2. Before you take any amount from the bottle with the vitamins, you must first shake it well. Especially the first time it is good to remove a small amount of vitamins in a glass, shake the bottle well and then pour that amount of vitamins inside the bottle again, shake the bottle well again and then take as much as you need.
  3. It is important the placement of the solution in the hive is done in such a way that it does not allow the syrup to be stored in the cells of the frames, so the bees can consume it at a later time and thus their growth will be slower.
  4. It is obvious that for Ultra Vita-Bee to have good results, the bee swarm must harvest nectar and pollen from nature. If it does not, then you have to feed it even daily if possible, with small quantities of 200-250g syrup (in bottles of 500ml as mentioned in 3rd way but without the vitamin) depending on the population of the swarm and give it pollen or substitute pollen at the same time.
  5. It is of high importance that if temperature outside of the hive is below 18oC or above 37oC to protect the hive with insulating materials eg. like Dawn, for cold, on both sides of the frames with bees. For example, in cold weather we can place Dawn 3cm thick, on both sides of the frames with bees.
  6. Ultra Vita-Bee should be given as mentioned above for at least 4 consecutive times every 3-6 days.


  • When in a bee swarm there are no diseases (Varroa, Nozemosis, etc), then by using Ultra Vita-Bee you will observe an increase of 40-60% in the queen’s birth and in all frames the birth will be better, more stretched and more beautiful. For example, if a bee swarm breed 3 frames of fry, now with Ultra Vita-Bee (using any of the ways mentioned above) will breed 4.5 frames of fry. Additionally, you will notice an increase in the lifespan of the adult bee by at least 10 days. If Ultra Vita-Bee is given more than 4 times, it will further increase the birth by more than 40-60% and as an end result you will have way faster stronger bee swarms.
  • When your bee swarms have a disease, the use of those vitamins will help them recover faster and restore the balance and growth, simultaneously with the proper treatment recommended by your veterinarian, of course.
  • Ultra Vita-Bee performs even in cases where the bee swarm does not have a tendency to breed.


Think about how much a frame of bees cost (10 € approx).Σκεφτείτε ότι ένα πλαίσιο γόνος επιπλέον είναι δύο πλαίσια μέλισσες (20 €)
Think that a frame of fry in addition is two frame of bees (20€).Διατίθεται σε συσκευασίες των 500ml (725 γραμμάρια)  και 1000 ml (1450 γραμμάρια).
So consider that having only one added frame of fry in each hive by using Ultra Vita-Bee means that within 21 days you will not only get your money back, but also get 10 times more.
They are manufactured and packaged by our company and are available in packs of 500ml (725g) code 11114 and 1000ml (1450g) code 11014.