The Genius Lid

THE GENIUS LID (beehive cap) IMG_7533“THE GENIUS LID” is a very useful and efficient tool of modern beekeeping This is a new revolutionary cap with which the beekeeper can see, feed , check or do whatever else is needed in the cell without disturbing the bees without smoking and without the need to remove the lid. Buying this innovative cover the beekeeper must forget the smoker. The only use of the smoker is when he has to pull out the frames from the hive . All work can be done even in adverse weather conditions and at any time of day or night without smoking. The benefits of non smoker use is, not to be transferred, toxic residues in hive products (honey , pollen , propolis , royal jelly , wax) . This patent , lowers production costs by reducing the man-hours by 90%, increases the production of 30 % -130 % , products are healthier and finally the beekeeper becomes competitive and sustainable in International market. Available in packs of 10 pieces. A unique serial number is laser printed on each cap. Read a full descirption of this item here: The Genius Lid (details)