SUPER-FOOD FOR BEES “Bee-Feed” (Solid – Liquid)

Our solid food is placed in the center of the hive and specifically above the fry, opening a large hole in the nylon pack, without fear of drying out. When the temperature of the environment is below 22-25OC, the opening of the pack must be downward (towards to the frames), whereas when the temperature is above 22-25OC, the opening must be upwards (towards the lid).

Food 90114, 91614, 92214 and 93414 should not be used at temperatures above  35-38oC. At these high temperatures, 96714 or 96614 must be used.

If your bee hives have the “Genius Lid” installed, you can safely remove all the nylon packs from our food (pies), in temperatures up to 38-40oC.

If you need to use food that treat diseases in bee swarm that are about to be fallen apart (lost) due to the disease(s) they might have, in less than 20 days, then you should first contact the veterinarian of our company Mr. Katsampis to get proper instructions, so as to not have casualties even in the specified hives.

All our food is manufactured and packaged by our company “BeeNectar” under supervision of our scientific staff and contain in addition to sugars, many vitamins, proteins (of high biological value) and trace elements in proper analogies, according to bee swarm needs, to always constitute a complete and balanced diet.

Solid food is available in packages of 1kg and is packed in boxes of 24 pieces, while liquid food is packed in containers of 18.5kg.

Prices as well as product packaging can be changed without warning, whenever our company deems fit and will be announced on our website as well as our new products.

SUPER-FOOD FOR DISEASE TREATMENT (without the use of medication)[spacer height=”30px”]